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styling | fashion photography | creative direction

Fathima Mehreen is a creative from India, who's been an enthusiast of all things fashion and art for as long as she can remember.

Nothing holds her attention as much as impressive clothing and meaningful content based around it.

She began her journey with her own fashion blog and really started gaining traction for her styles and photography

all across social media platforms. It was an exhibit of an amalgamation of her personal experiences

through her work. Work that has been featured on Vogue India, Homegrown India, Grazia India and Elle India.

Her styling and photography finds inspiration in an infinite pool of interests.

As you go through each project you see influences from the film & music industry,

fashion icons through the 70s to 90s era and nature & architecture for the minimalist in her.

The strong and bold women that play a significant role in her life also impact the way she perceives art.
Her passion grows stronger thanks to her mother who enjoys conversations about all things fashion.
That being said, Mehreen's list of inspiration isn't limited to these handful of things as she

never seizes to seek it from everything that crosses her path in life. 

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